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My first love was the theatre. As a kid, I went to Osceola County School for the Arts in Kissimmee, Florida. I always liked being in front of people. Not because of the attention (though that certainly isn't a bad thing), but rather, it always felt right. The nerves were there of course, but what followed them was conviction: This is what I was meant to do, this is who I am meant to be. And I am good at it. 


And that's how I became an actor. 


SoHo Playhouse 2022, dir. by Hannah Berkowitz

the lower depths.

NYU Tisch Drama Mainstage 2021, dir. Javier Antonio Gonzalez

Keen on commiseration.

Kraine Theatre 2021, dir. Mary Walker

of mice and men.

OPAC 2019, dir. Lamont Everett Clegg

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