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About me

A lot of people say to me: Hey Ryan, you're living the dream! To that, I say "In my dreams, I wouldn't be 5"6. I'd be 7 feet tall and with WINGS." 

That isn't to say my life isn't a dream, however. My Mother raised my brother and me primarily by herself, though she had help from a wonderful community of individuals. I like to say I was Baltimore Born, Florida Raised, New York Made - and that's the story of my life. I was born in Maryland and moved down to Kissimmee when I was 4. My Mom always had music playing in the house, usually a mix of R&B and Soul - and Michael Buble. This led to me and my brother developing an interest in music. He auditioned for the local performing arts and I followed him soon after. It was there I learned my true calling and what I believe my purpose to be. And all that brought me to New York.

The power art holds is unfathomable. Art possesses the power of distraction and inspiration. When someone goes to see a comedy show, watch a movie, go to the theatre, go to a concert, or even read a book, it takes them from their current reality into a new one. They could be having the worst day of their life, but for those 90 minutes, they're somewhere else. And they're safe. 

That's what I want to do.

I am an Afro-Latino creative, and I want to be able to represent my community and my people. My mother is Black and my father is Puerto Rican. I was always surrounded by a strong and proud Latino culture growing up in Kissimmee, and I celebrate that. Every event played bachata, salsa, reggaetón, and a whole lot of Daddy Yankee. I was always seen as a little different however because my hair was kinkier, my lips and my nose weren't as slender, I didn't know Spanish (though I am learning everyday, my Duolingo streak is up to 131 as of writing this), and I was just different - and different really just meant Black. However, I have grown to love all of me, and celebrate every aspect of myself. I champion the belief that we should all love who we are, and we are all deserving of love, support, and family. I am a proud ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, I support BLM, I support women's rights to healthcare and the right to choice, I believe in gun control, I believe all people deserve the chance to live out their dreams and follow them. 

I want to work towards a world without hate and I believe that art holds the power to create that world.

But I can't do that all the time. So here are some of my interests outside of acting!


I've always loved food. Thank God my tastebuds matured with age though! When I was a kid, I always fought tooth-and-nail against eating vegetables, whole grains, vitamins, medicine, generally anything and everything that was good for me. From where I saw it, it was processed foods or bust. However, I'm happy to report that I've finally begun exploring, making my own food and exploring the world through food. Here's what I've "cheffed" up recently:


mac n' cheese


seared salmon w/ spicy corn

pollo guisado.jpg

pollo guisado

thanksgiving ham.jpg

 honey-baked ham

kbbq steak noods.jpg

spicy korean beef noodles

pesto pasta w parm crust chicken.jpg

pesto pasta w/ parmesan crusted chicken

what i've been up to.


A whooooole lot of me, baby!

A Little Taste...

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